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Bring Your Own Food #BYOF

【BYOF- Bring Your Own Food】活动

「禁止自带/外带食品」?? 【大嘴叭 Loudspeaker KTV】JB分店就让您自己携带食物甚至可以叫外卖!一边唱K ,一边享受自己喜爱的美食!完美!

Let's go大嘴叭,開心Hee Haa唱卡拉喂! 須符合條規。

BRING YOUR OWN FOOD Exclusive For Loud Speaker Family Karaoke ( JB Outlets Only )

Wish to have more variety of foods? No worries, here we’re!

Now you can bring your own healthy food or order takeaway when you sing at loudspeakerktv outlet.

You can now enjoy your favourite food while singing your favourite song.

Hurry up and make a booking with us now!

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